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Road to the Well was included in Extra’s “Art House” segment, which highlights the latest independent films available. Watch the full segment here.

Dirty Movies (U.K.)

“This exquisite and delectable blend of Lynchian suspense and net-noir murder is guaranteed to keep you hooked for nearly two hours and brooding over it for hours to come… the result is an immaculate gem waiting to be unearthed – 5/5”

– Victor Fraga | Read Full Article

Monkeys Fighting Robots

Road to the Well is a curious picture told with real confidence, an artistic eye for detail, and some impressive, painterly composition from cinematographer Tim Davis. The Coen influence is heavy, but there are (visually) elements of Shane Carruth’s uber low-budget thriller Primer here, and ample stylistic references to David Lynch seeping through the screen. It’s worth seeking out, and it’s probably a good idea to keep the the name Jon Cvack in your memory banks.”

– Larry TaylorRead Full Article


LA Times

“…flavorful dialogue, and a sense of scope that’s rare for a movie about betrayal and murder.”

– Noel Murray | Read Full Article

Reel World Theology

“Road to the Well is an impressive feat for an independent film. From the cinematography to the directing, the editing and especially the acting, you are never drawn out of the story by the production. Actor Micah Parker exudes the patient charisma of Oscar Isaac. He plays Jack with just the right amount of simmering edge. Laurence Fuller wears the surrendered melancholy of Frank like a comfort blanket tattered with holes, ready to snap at any moment. The landscape of the film is often visually stunning, grim when it needs to be and striking when you least expect it.”

Mark Wingerter |Read Full Article

Salty Popcorn (Australia)

“…this film is quite an accomplishment. It is far from a standard story, it has a feeling of size to it that is rare for debut, small-budget films. The characters are all fantastically written and express vpn the actors absorb themselves completely. No two characters are alike, a fact that is taken advantage of, making for some entertaining and memorable dialogue delivered by some very interesting characters.”

Kernel Jordan | Read Full Article

Blake Crane

“The dramatic thriller peppered with dark comedy is reminiscent of the Coens’ earlier works. There’s a measured neo-noir vibe that keeps the tale of murder, mystery, and betrayal compelling throughout.”

Blake Crane | Read Full Article


Cine Grandiose

“…this movie’s power is in its images and what they have to say: more than pretty frames, a thriller with comic and frequently interesting twists… Road to the Well enjoys its success mainly because of its character writing and photography”

Caio Bogoni | Read Full Article


The Women’s Desk (WBAI Radio)

“..while conventional noir is primarily dramatically dependent on climactic narrative shock and awe, thwarted millennial pessimism here would appear to emotionally favor a lockdown, been there done that gloomy, fractured despair. Though this twisted ride to nowhere and back, serves up intriguing and impressive detours along the way.”

Prairie Miller | Read Full Article


Flickering Myth

“There are plenty of filmic comparisons worth making in John Cvack’s Road to the Well. Nods to Shallow Grave, tips of the hat for Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, as well as sly winks towards Soderbergh’s first feature Sex, Lies and Videotape. Atmospheric homage can be attributed to the former and latter, while that essence of cool so inherently associated with Fiction has much to do with Cvack’s structural precision…. a uniquely bold and original thriller – 5/5!”

– Martin Carr | Read Full Article


Eye for Film

“Treading a fine line between farce and analytical drama, director Jon Cvack steers the film past many potential pitfalls, producing something that, whilst not always successful, is certainly distinctive. The comedy is pitch black in places and the thriller elements become stronger as the story develops, but it’s at its most interesting as a character study about a man who thinks he’s just like everyone else, the scary thing being that he might be right.”

Jennie Kermode, Read Full Article


Leah’s Movie Review

“I was taken aback at just how well this film was done, especially on finding out that this was the first feature Jon had ever done. The film has the polished look of a big budget mainstream flick, and none of the “inconsistencies” that lower budget indie is known for… Jon Cvack has a VERY bright future ahead of him. His attention to detail, from the opening scenes, to the final breathtaking shot, rivals that of Hollywood film veterans.”
Leah Gage, Read Full Article


Sofa Helden (Germany)

Road To The Well is a quiet film driven by its two main characters, and in most places it manages to combine thriller parts with easy comedy and drama. Fans of the independent genre are well served here and should keep an eye on a possible release in Germany.”

Mario von Czapiewski, Read Full Article

The Clubhouse Podcast (Don Ford)

“This is an independent film in look and feel, but that is not a bad thing here.  When it came to the acting, I had no complaints, with Parker and Fuller playing their roles well.  The supporting cast also does a good job here of helping tell the story of the adventure of Jack and Frank.”

Don Ford, Read Full Article


The Clubhouse Podcast (Rob Ervin)

“What I really dug about this was the fact that this is an independent film without having that ‘indie’ vibe to it. Cvack does a great job with what he has, accompanied by solid work by his cast.”

Rob Ervin, Read Full Article

Cinejour (Indonesia)

“As a low-budget production, Cvack works very well. A solid story and well-acted by the ensemble cast, plus brilliant cinematography and sound mixing. …This is a promising one. One of the best indie films from 2016!”
– Bavner Donaldo, Read Full Article



“…Cvack’s greatest strength may be his ability to sustain a grindingly taut atmosphere. He’s aided and abetted by Conor Jones’ excellent soundtrack. Both Parker and Fuller do extremely good work, but the most valuable player may be cinematographer Tim Davis, whose lighting and compositions elevate and intensify this character study of a man’s journey into his own darkness.”

Pamela Villaflores, Read Full Article

Pieuvre (French)

“For fans of ambitious dramas who want to get something new and original to bite,  Road to the Well is definitely an ideal candidate.”, Read Full Article

That Moment In

“Road to the Well is not going to be for everyone, as Cvack is far more interested in establishing and maintaining a grinding sense of tension than lots of physical conflicts. In that regard, the film has a smartness to it that keeps it sharp…gorgeously photographed and well-acted, making this a solid debut.”

That Moment In, Read Full Article

SPL!NG (South Africa)

“The first thing you notice about Road to the Well is how solid the acting is from the entire cast… It’s such a relief to see a film like Road to the Well that avoids the stigma of the indie term.”

– SL!NG, Read Full Article


Cinema Smack

“The offbeat comedy and dark thriller clash keep us curious, while the writing and delivery make it artful and thoroughly entertaining.”

-Cinema Smack, Read Full Article


Ponto-Vista (Portugese)

“…an extremely well crafted film…8/10”
– Alex Vieira | Read Full Article

Ruthless Reviews

“…this film was good, very good. I’m not talking about film graduate student project good, I’m talking about Alfred Hitchcock and Coen Brothers good. …Everyone connected with this film should have a fine career ahead of them…”

– Ruthless Reviews, Read Full Article


“Jon Cvack the director and writer of ‘Road to the Well’ has done an amazing job at this incredible piece of art house film. This being his debut feature as a director and writer, ‘Road to the Well’ is a superb starting point…a brilliant crime thriller.”
– Thomas Brownridge | Read Full Article 

Movies Noir (Sweden)

Movies Noir (Sweden)
“…a promising feature-length debut”

– Read Full Article

Woodbanger Entertainment

“…I’ve seen many indies in my time but this one stood out amongst a large portion of them… a superb film”
– Woodbanger Entertainment, Read Full Review

“…one of the better independent features that has seen its way through the Upcomingdiscs hub.”, Read Full Review

LA Splash Review

“This film is a must-see for anyone with a passion for thrillers and dramas.”
– Elizabeth Regal |Read Full Review