Director’s Statement

I've been an avid, obsessive film lover since I was 16 years old. From that year forward, I have tried my hardest to watch a single movie a day, every day. I had a mission to make a feature film when I was 27. I didn't know what the significance of this age was, but it was always there, approaching slowly but surely, and I'm proud to say I somehow did it. I had written the script when I was 25, which became a 2nd Round Finalist in the Austin Film Festival writing competition. I then spent 18 months trying to raise the money from friends, family, and KickStarter. I recruited the most passionate people I could find, who were as talented as they come and equally as hungry to achieve their dreams. There was no film studio, no rich uncle, no entertainment connections. I come from a pure middle class background from the suburbs of Chicago. This film was based off over a decade's love affair with film that has only continued to grow. I studied Philosophy and Film Theory in college in order to better equip myself with the proper ammunition to tell the best stories I could. I was inspired by the first films of Linklater, Nolan, Aronovsky, Jarmusch, and Scorsese, and how they too went through a right of passage, taking almost 4 years to complete their stories, which were financed by passion rather than connection. I've been living like a college kid for these last four years, taking everything I earned from the work I was fortunate to secure and putting it back into this project. This film embodies the spirit of independence. I am confident that you will not find a film with more heart and passion than this one. - Jon Cvack